About Us

Who We Are

Since 1994, Frost Building Systems Inc. has become one of North America’s largest building envelope and door installation contractors. We offer our expertise in insulated panels while also supplying and installing a range of products, including aluminum composite material panels, aluminum plate panels, metal siding, and cold storage envelopes. With our successful track record of building and renovating hundreds of process plants, cold storage facilities, supermarkets and distribution centers, we understand the importance of delivering projects professionally and on time.

Our Team

Our dynamic, multicultural and talented workforce sets high standards for quality, productivity, innovation and service, leading to ongoing referrals and repeat business. We are committed to providing efficient and effective design, supply and installation services for retrofits, small buildings and large industrial complexes. 

At Frost Building Systems Inc., communication is a top priority. Open dialogue among teams highlights our commitment to honesty and integrity. We believe in being transparent about what we can and cannot do, which results in straightforward and reliable service. 

We have a dedicated team of professionals across different departments. These include our management team, the service department, the construction department and our administration team. Together, our workforce champions strategic direction and oversight alongside excellent communication and collaboration to ensure the success of our customers.